About SPORTholic

Be Focused on SPORT, Professional Cast In EXCELLENCE!

SPORTholic Limited is one of sport facilities specialist in Hong Kong, and the business contents are supply sport equipment, recondition project & maintenance project. We wish can provide any service to you in the future.



Distributing Products:
- Rock Climbing wall – Modular or Real Rock [...]
- Indoor & Outdoor playground & Elderly Station [...]
- Indoor Themed Soft Play Elements & Wall Padding [...]
- Curtain divider Electrical [...]
- Varity Basketball System-Manual or Electrical [...]
- Sport Flooring Timber :FIBA approved" [...]
- Retractable Seats & Stadium Seats [...]
- Tennis Court Surfaces – Turf, Hard Coat, EPDM Rubber [...]
- High Density Golf nets, windscreen, & Divider nets [...]
- Golf Simulator, Ski Stimulator & Indoor Entertainment [...]
- LED display and ancillary products [...]







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Our Mission

Be Focused on SPORT!

Focusing customer's needs that providing perfect and tailored proposal, to allowing sports be able to carry out have to more professional!

Our Vision

Professional Cast In EXCELLENCE!

Allowing humans can enjoy the most comfortable and most professional sports experience.